Here the official feedbacks for PM012 Grienkho-Path Of Exile EP(incl.Xenogears remix):

Ben Klock:Cool release!

Oscar Mulero:Interesting!

Anthony Parasole:Really good stuff here!

Ryan Elliot:Really like the B1.

Lucy:Into the A1

Tommy Four Seven:Great!

Jonas KoppNice EP

Efdemin:Fantastic! Exceptional! So fresh! So good.

DJ Deep:DOPE RELEASE! Original and fresh as we need it!

Francois X:Nice EP. Solid

Exium:A2 and B2 for me, solid raw Techno.

Kwartz:Cool EP, it’s not what I usually play but is fantastic, thanks.


Xhin:Nice one.

Jeroen Search:‘777 Connection’ for me!

Jeff Rushin:Path of Exile for me.

Truss:777 Connection and Xenogears remix.

Donor:Really like this 777 Connection.

Henning Baer:Strong release!

Moerbeck:A1 + B1 = BOMB!

Paula Temple:great release, especially love the remix.

Developer:Great stuff!

Marcelus:Wow the Xenogears remix is huge!!!

Electric Indigo:B1 is cool!

Ben Gibson:‘777 Connection’ is sick. Big tune. Nice EP

Chevel:Big up Mattia, Dom & Marieu.

Radial:Nice and unusual!

Bas Mooy:Path of Exile!

Marcel Heese: ‘777 Connection’ is my pick.

Aiken :I like the Xenogears remix.

Angel Molina:‘Path of Exile’ and ‘777 Connection’ sound good, nice oldschool feel on both. Not what I usually play, but I ́ll test them, especially the 1st one. Thanks.

Distant Echoes:Support this release, old school raw flava!

Abstract Division: Great funky stuff!

Mary Velo :Will try.

Nihad Tule:Right kind of weirdness for me, thanks, A1 is the pick

Flug:‘777 Connection’ for me.

Invite:Great stuff.

Sinfol:Yess! thx.

Nuno Dos Santos:really like accent machines!

Clouds:unreal.. quality stuff originals and dope remix will play all for sure. This is top stuff.

Gaja:Love this release! Big up for my friend Grienkho!




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