C L A U D E   Y O U N G 


Claude Young Jr. is acknowledged globally as one of the most respected producer / DJs to come from the legendary home of Techno, Detroit, Michigan (USA).

Magazines, newspapers & websites frequently credit him as one of the most exciting and innovative DJs of the last two decades.His solo production, official DJ mixes and Remix credits include: Mixed the only official DJ Mix Compilation for Jeff MIlls Axis Records (AX-033 Claude Young – Thoughts Of Phutura), His own Claude Young DJF-1100 Mix for Sony Music Entertainment Japan, his legendary Claude Young DJ-Kicks Mix for K7! (K7045cd), Three Berlin based mix CDs, DJ Rok / Claude Young – Essential Underground Vol. 03: Berlin / Detroit, Raveline Presents: Paradise Mixed by Claude Young & a mix for long time Austrian Born Berlin Based friends Memory Foundation / Ratio – Welcome To Central (mixed by Claude Young).

He has remixed & produced records for some of the most respected names in the business across all musical genres including Octave One, Inner City , Carl Craig, Jay Denham, Sven Vath, 4Hero, Slam, Joey Beltram, Gary Numan, Mijk Van Dijk, Technasia, Andrew Duke, Beroshima, The Reese Project, Musto & Bones and many more.

G E R A L D    M I T C H E L L   A K A   L O S   H E R M A N O S


Los Hermanos was originally a collaboration between Gerald Mitchell, Dj Rolando and Mike Banks of Underground Resistance.

They raised the standard and destroyed the boundaries between Techno and House by fusing the funk and soul of Detroit Techno with the feel of latin rhythms and melodies after Rolando’s Departure to pursue a solo career, Gerald moved Los Hermanos in a slightly different direction without sacrificing any of the sound individuality or quality. Gerald Mitchell born and raised in Detroit’s West Side is a Musician Producer Dj, Band Leader, and Sonic visionary whose music has made a huge impact on Detroit house and techno.
From his early work on Underground Resistance’s Interstellar Fugitives (UR 044 aka Soul Saver) project to his Celestial Highways classic on Metroplex and early house productions on Soul City records 1997,1998 distributed by 2030 submerge. his music has always been recognized by it soulful strength. Gerald’s work with Underground Resistance/ Mike Banks and Dj Rolando led to the anthem ‘Knights of the Jaguar; and now he has brought his experience as a live musician into a group that expresses jazz fusion, gospel and funk into stunning electronic music worldwide know as LOS HERMANOS. for discography  After the release of the album “On Another Level” and international tours as Los Hermanos Live, Gerald has begun his solo career with a new project ready for release late fall 2010.

D J    R O L A N D O


Roland Rocha was born in 1970’s southwest Detroit. He grew up in the mainly Hispanic district of the city, which to this day is dominated by Mexican migrants looking for work in the heavily industrial city.

From an early age he was influenced by his musical culture with it’s roots in Latin American rhythms and percussion. He was greatly encouraged by his enthusiastic father, also a well known local musician and as a young teenager he pursued his own interest in music and became a well known and respected dj within his own right.

It was in the mid eighties that he was so inspired when he heard Jeff Mills spin (at the time he was known as “the wizard”) that he quickly unearthed the new radical and ground breaking sounds of techno. then by chance, through a mutual friend Ruben Gonzalez, he was introduced to the formidable “mad”mike banks and was promptly (to his delight) asked to become a member of the infamous and enigmatic underground resistance crew.

Soon afterwards came his first ever opportunity to cross the Atlantic and wow audiences worldwide with his mild manner and now infamous speedy turntable proficiency; skilfully meandering from funky house, gut vibrating electro, the great techno classics and new soulful melodic techno – earning him respect and notoriety within the industry as a whole.

Jaguar broke the ice critically although not Rolando’s first release on ur, it turned archaic perceptions of techno on their head. it broke through into all other genres of dance music and became a classic in the boxes of many noteworthy dj’s; such as Kevorkian, Garnier, Morillo, Tenaglia – even Oakenfold and Giles Peterson.

The headlining ensuing battle against corporate goliath’s Sony, was eventually won (even if only morally ) by the shear determination of the small independent label (underground resistance) and with the steadfast support of angry activist fans worldwide; proving themselves once again to be a much loved and respected force to be reckoned with.

Then Rolando launched his own label “los hermanos” with then partners Gerald Mitchell and mike banks . already the label has a number of much acclaimed releases under it’s belt with rolando it’s ambassador at it’s forefront. Now, rolando is free – no longer a member of ur he continues solo, as a dj, producer and remixer now entering an exciting new phase in his almost 20yr long career with his most recent project “crossroads” his new label .

M I K E   D E H N E R T


Since 2007, Berlin native Mike Dehnert has run raw techno label Fachwerk.  The imprint’s mission is simple: to release their own take on raw, floor techno.  And so they have done, on 15 different occasions, earning both the label and the artists behind it the respect of in-the-know, serious techno fans the world over.Dehnert’s own productions (often informed by his grubby, dub infused and textured live techno sets at institutions like Berghain and Tresor) have also been unleashed on the world via other respected imprints including Clone Basement Series, Echochord Colour and Deeply Rooted House, Delsin.


D J  H Y P E R A C T I V E


Chicago original and skilled DJ since the late 80s, Hyperactive has pushed an evolving sound across the borders of house and techno and has 2 decades of smashing releases and remixes to his name on a host of influential labels such as 4TRK, Droid, Figure, Truncate, Missile, Plus 8, Contact, Planet of Drums, and the list continues.

Since the late 90s he’s run 4 Track Records out of Los Angeles, with the likes of releases such as Music Box coupled with re-edits of Missile famed track, Wide Open by label owner and Berghain resident Len Faki on his Figure imprint.


O R L A N D O   V O O R N 


He is one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam in the early 90’s.Orlando Voorn has long been recognized as one of the Netherland’s most original and ingenious producers in the world of electronic dance music.

Voorn used many Aliases’ back when he started to produce records in order to present various styles of music without limitation to producing only techno. It was a common fad to use fictitious names as it is today. Voorn has never limited himself to one particular style of producing. You could easily say that he is incredibly versatile in switching between many styles that demonstrates him as a well known producer.

Voorn also was included in a lot of big project with Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May.


A N D R E S   Z A C C O


Andres Zacco was born in Pergamino, Argentina in 1980. After spending many years in Buenos Aires, it’s in the city of Rosario he chose to establish residence. Ever since, Andres worked on numerous productions, many of which saw the light in little time.

Andres Zacco is extremely active on the national Argentine scene, playing many decisive events as the South American Music Conference (SAMC), or during the Ground parties, where he played with the likes of Magda or Richie Hawtin. Quite notably, Andres is also one of the core members in the Live Jam Sessions, along with Nico Purman, Franco Cinelli, Jonas Kopp, Seph, Lucas Mari and Jorge Savoretti.

Combining subtle forms of the Techno sound with classical structures in House music, Andres Zacco creates a suprisingly natural mixture that differs from the rest, in a country often dominated by a certain minimal sound. Andres stands as the proud heir of a great history in underground dance music, following in the footsteps of his great friend and mentor Franco Cinelli. Recently Andres Zacco created his own record label, Greener Records.


M I K E   S T O R M


Mike Storm comes from the underground scene of the 072 area in the Netherlands. In the late 90’s he started as a DJ, soon he moved from turntables to his first equipment and started performing live-sets on various local party’s. While the underground scene was highly involved electro and techno music, Mike learned from it’s established dj’s & producers and how to work with analog equipment. As of this day, he still produces his tracks still without any computer sequencer. Mike Storm is most of all inspired by the sound from Detroit and minimal dark techno and his biggest passion is performing live on stage. In 2012 Mike’s coming out of the underground scene and sees his music is being appreciated by the likes of Jeff Mills and Dimi Angélis. Both DJ’s frequently use his tracks in their sets and it was Dimi Angélis who forwarded Mike to the label Subsist. The result is a debut album on the label Subsist.